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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Thee to La Mama!

The hot ticket in town this month is going to be The Foundry Theatre's production of THE GOOD PERSON OF SZECHWAN at La Mama
From the wonderful David  (ON A CLEAR DAY...) Turner's kinetic opening monologue as the Water Seller leading to the moment when the red curtain parts to reveal the poverty stricken town of Szechwan made out of cardboard box houses illuminated from within on a series of steps, the stage is set for a very fine production of Bertolt Brecht's rumination on how a kind hearted person is possibly to survive in an unkind world.
Taylor Mac is riveting as the poor prostitute Shen Tei who gives a bed to three tired travelling Gods and is rewarded with enough money to open her own tobacconist business.
 When her newfound wealth and charity is immediately taken advantage of by all and sundry, Shen Tei is forced to invent another persona, her "cousin" Shui Ta, a hard boiled businessman who does her dirty work and collects her debts.
The staging by Lear Debessonet is simple but inventive and touching, and all the performances from a cast including Annie Golden and the legendary Vinie Burrows are splendid, with two extremely funny characterisations from Lisa Kron, an actress and playwright who appeared on Broadway a few seasons back in her own play WELL.

Taylor Mac, usually unrecognisable beneath layers of ornate maquillage, gives us a wistful, tremulous Shen Tei radiating goodness which makes his powerful roof raising vocals to the music of Cesar Alvarez  and "The Lisps" all the more thrilling. The show is playing to packed houses even during the blizzard so I'd grab tickets now if you don't want to miss a wonderful experience.

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