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Monday, July 14, 2014

Nicollet Island

Between Downtown and Northeast Minneapolis, in the middle of the Mississippi River sits Nicollet Island
Underneath the lovely deco Hennepin Bridge...
It's actually quite easy to miss but you walk or drive over this other little bridge

and on your right is the historic Nicollet Island Inn

where we took ourselves for lunch
which was very reasonably priced for such ritzy surrounds
Who is that mysterious figure behind the ornate window...?
One side of the island is public space
with a pavilion for private events
a performance space
a school
and a sports field (with GREASE style bleachers!)
The other side of the island is residential (approximately 144 people live there) and here are the real jewels.

A peaceful, idyllic community smack in the middle of downtown Minneapolis but it feels like worlds away. We thought this must be where the wealthier "Minnies" lived but we have been informed that the island is home to real people!

And as the sun sank slowly in the west, we took our leave of Nicollet Island but not before we passed what we thought was a tribute to the island's Native American roots
But it turns out there is a sister city in Japan. Who knew?


  1. Matt's Bar in Minneapolis. The Juicy Lucy. A cultural experience.

  2. From all your photographs it would seem that Minneapolis is a ghost town ... not a soul to be seen.