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Culture Shock.

Monday, July 7, 2014


The Guthrie. Rear view.
A nearby theatre in the round

The exterior walls appear to be covered in the blueprints for the theatre's construction.
Water feature against glass office building downtown

This chair really should be in our flat in the Blue Mountains. Instead, it is on a street in Uptown Minneapolis.
This riverboat does daily 90 minute cruises. Sounds like a plan.
In Minneapolis they demand that you do your exercises in the Main Street.
We're told the staff live up to the name.
Detail at the light rail stop.
A dog with anklets in the shopping district of Edina
This house caught our eye today. It's on South 10th Street, a couple of blocks from the Guthrie.

It stood out amongst the rather faceless apartment buildings and shops surrounding it.
If you look up the address on the net there are some extraordinary real estate photos of the incredible interior.

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