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Monday, October 13, 2014

BIG is better

Saw a staged reading of the 1996 Maltby & Shire musical BIG based on the Tom Hanks movie. I'd seen clips and heard songs from the show when it was on Broadway and it hadn't really appealed to me but I was curious to see this production by Musicals in Mufti at the York Theatre because they were using the new and improved script and score from the national tour with material never seen in New York. Plus it stars my good buddy, the wonderful John Tartaglia (AVENUE Q).
John was so perfect in the role of Josh it could have been written for him. Indeed, I think John is just a very tall 13 year-old.

Kerry Butler was also spot on as the uptight businesswoman Susan.
And Jeremy Shinder nailed every laugh as Josh's best friend Billy. For me the big surprise was just how funny the book and lyrics are. Perhaps the original production was swamped by the massive sets and the piece would benefit from a more intimate staging.
The added bonus was the appearance of lyricist Richard Maltby, Jr. filling in for the indisposed Walter Charles as the toy tycoon at short notice.

 To see Maltby and Tartaglia  performing the famous "Chopsticks" dance on the giant piano was a moment to savour.

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