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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Opening Week

On the red carpet, opening night.
We had the traditional Gypsy Robe ceremony before the show and the Robe went to my dressing-roomie Manoel Felciano.
I love the whole tradition of the Gypsy Robe so I was over excited.

It was also a week for catching up with mates. My LA MANCHA cohort Ross Chisari was in town on a break from the Aussie production of ALADDIN
As was ALADDIN's Dean Vince who was in the original Australian PRISCILLA cast.
And a very exciting night seeing the Old Vic production of THE HAIRY APE featuring my darling EMPIRE buddy Tommy Bracco. As you can see, we came dressed as tablecloths.
A backstage reunion at AMELIE with Greg Dassonville and Brooke Shapiro from the Goodspeed HELLO, DOLLY!

And with Christian Boy who designed the Kennedy Centre CAMELOT I did with Brian Stokes Mitchell.

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  1. How fabulous that are getting visitors. I wish I could be one too but it will have to wait till next year.