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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Red Scare

The one night benefit for Theater For The New City was everything I hoped it would be and more. Our director Carl Andress and the expert cast of New York's best comics and character actors pulled together a sterling performance after a mere four hours rehearsal.
Author and leading lady Charles Busch is a true star in this town. The ovation that greeted this first entrance lasted a couple of minutes, and original cast members Julie Halston and Andy Halliday also received roars on their first appearance.
Charles and Julie looking over their lines in the dressing room.
Julie Halston, Charles Busch, Alison Fraser and Jonathan Walker.
Charles and Jonathan onstage.
I played two roles: famous film director R.G. Benson and Ralph Barnes, a radio actor who is fired on-air for his communist connections.
Julie Halston as Pat Pilford, a famous radio comedienne known for her rabidly "anti-red" stance, Charles Busch as Mary Dale, a movie star, and Alison Fraser as Marta Towers, a method actress with a shadowy past.
Sheldy with Christopher Borg as corrupt studio chief Bertram Barker, David Pittu as Mitchell Drake, a blackmailing screenwriter and Andy Halliday as Malcolm, Mary's houseboy who meets a tragic end.

It was such a joy to hear waves of laughter rocking the theatre. I am so honored to have been welcomed into Charles's "rep"company and hope to share the stage with them many times in the future.

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