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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

back from the.....

(tt)   Now don't all fall on the floor! I have been in a sort of limbo for the last few weeks which was not depression based I can assure you. So last evening a bit I went into Carlton to see "Skyfall" which is deliciously good and had a meal at the University Cafe with Paul Byrne, Bree Hartley and Nad Budge. Then I decided to flaneur a little.
 Here is the wonderful old Carlton cinema....waiting for a new life. We went there as students and it was affectionately dubbed "The Bug House"

This trendo shop on the corner was once an Italian restaurant called "Genevieve"
It was named after the famous film made in 1953 and featured a model of the lovely old car that won the London to Brighton race. Just this week we lost  gracious and elegant Dinah Sheridan who played one of the long suffering partners of motor obsessed men.
Here she is with the ravishing Kay Kendall's saliva tank.

It was in this restaurant as a twenty year old that  I first ordered spaghetti. I fled from the scene leaving a full plate because I did not know how to eat it!!!

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