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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I don't understand why certain celebrities or events become "flavor of the month" when it comes to biopics. Remember when we had duelling Jean Harlows in the 60s?
Carol Lynley starred in the lesser known version with Ginger Rogers as her mother
While Carroll Baker got a bigger budget the same year as well as Angela Lansbury as Mama.

Then we had duelling Truman Capotes, with Toby Jones (L) in INFAMOUS swamped by Philip Seymour Hoffman's Oscar winning turn in CAPOTE
Well, it looks like it will happen again. Toby Jones is excellent as Alfred Hitchcock in an HBO movie called THE GIRL about the making of  "The Birds". Imelda Staunton plays his wife Alma Reville.
And we have Anthony Hopkins in HITCHCOCK which I saw last night, about the making of "Psycho" with a bigger budget and a much sexier Alma in Helen Mirren. I much preferred the teleplay and would recommend it over the big screen version. It would be a shame for poor Toby Jones to be lost in the shuffle again.

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