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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Taylor returns with a vengeance

(tt)  So on the road again. Have settled into the Manhattan apartment which we vacate May 27 for Connecticut and Sheldon's new job at he Goodspeed Opera House   (look it up on Google Images), a perfect theatre to host "Hello Dolly"
Now I have time to go through the photos of my previous ports of call after leaving Sydney.
Here are a few of Hong Kong
The view from my gifted apartment courtesy of Rick Lau who was owed a favour.  These were taken during the 8 o'clock light show.

Now for some reason I cannot scroll down and in between the photos for my comments

So I might have to describe then following here.
You will see amongst other stuff

The environs around my apartment block, a foodcourt with really cool graphics, the view from the window as seen by the twins

Forget that I seem to have fixed it


Sweets aree

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