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Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodspeed at Chester

Goodspeed has another smaller venue, the Norma Terris Theatre in the neighbouring town of Chester.
A long time supporter of the theatre and finally the benefactress of this new space, Norma Terris was the original Magnolia in SHOW BOAT and appeared in LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE at Goodspeed in 1970.
Her pictures adorn the foyer along with set pieces from previous Goodspeed shows...
and a model of Goodspeed in what appears to be Lego
The Terris is devoted to the development of new work and we saw a smart new musical called...
  about a barbershop quartet struggling to stay together when one of their members dies.
Every night a different barbershop quartet performs in the foyer before the show. Who knew there were so many to choose from?
The play, by a head writer of the COSBY SHOW and A DIFFERENT WORLD, is very American and sit-com-y, but funny and vastly entertaining. Cheap, too. One set, four actors, no band.
The premise being that the only suitable candidate for the vacant slot in the quartet is a newly arrived mechanic who happens to be a Sikh which raises all sorts of racism questions.
The performances by (L-R) D.C. Anderson, Rohan Kymal, Danny Rutigliano and Wally Dunn are perfect and their a capella renditions of everything from a George M. Cohan medley to "Night fever" bring down the house. Certain to be a regional theatre favourite.

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