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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goodspeed 50th

Goodspeed frocked up in gold bunting for her 50th anniversary Gala last night
The little park next door was lined with tents where the invited audience was wined and dined.
Klea was resplendent in gold. She and I closed the Gala with "No Business Like Show Business"
Choreographer Kelli and Dance Captain Kristin
Maddy, Brooke, Melissa, Catherine & Katie

Some stars of productions past returned to recreate their showstoppers. Andrea McArdle was upsteged by a "Sandy" who stared fixedly at his trainer in the wings, sat down, stood up, sat down, yawned, counted the house, stood up, sat down, shook himself violently after Andrea hugged him then ran offstage before her final note had died.
Frankie & Klea chat with Rita Gardner, original star of THE FANTASTICKS, soon to star in a new version of HAROLD & MAUDE by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt.
Louise Pitre, who played MAME at Goodspeed, was reunited with her adored Young Patrick, the supernaturally composed Eli Barker who is starring in a new NBC series with Jason Bateman.
Many of the DOLLY ensemble such as Robbie, Gregory, Maddy & Will were in the opening number, the Audition from 42nd STREET
Charlie & Katie
Steve rehearsing
Gregory being handsome
Klea chats with Drew
Steve & Will
Old Crock and Catherine
Klea trying to watch Ted Chapin's speech on the monitor. The show was terrific, highlights being Noah Racey's ultra-smooth "Once in Love With Amy" (his new dance show PULSE will surely storm Broadway soon) and TT's fave "Old Man River". Sheldy didn't forget his lyrics in the finale which was all that mattered.

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