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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three Strikes, You're OUT

GO ROCK CATS! Our very first baseball game!!!

We were organised by Daniel, our wonderful DOLLY director, who lives for baseball. That's Jaki, his assistant.
We were there to cheer on local team the Rock Cats in a "lower rung professional" Friday night game.

After heavy rain the day before the weather fortunately was perfect.
Most of the cast turned out.
Our director Daniel, Miss Ashley Brown and her husband visiting for the weekend, also Daniel.
Food is not allowed to be brought in from outside so Spencer Moses had to scoff his enormous sandwich outside the gates.
Our gorgeous company, Charles, Catherine and Jeremy

Robbie and Maddy
Of course we had to eat ballpark food...chips, hot dogs, bratwurst sandwiches etc.
Even Miss Klea who has been devoutly dieting couldn't resist ice cream in a baseball cap shaped bowl.
The Rock Cats are fine lookin' fellas
TT was particularly taken with this chappie
This was Rocky the mascot who was swamped by children as he was about to begin some sort of promotion and was forced to order them back to their seats. In mime.
The entire experience was actually really enjoyable. Leisurely, social, out in the open air, with lots of silly distractions throughout.
Like the three cans of shaving cream dashing around the diamond. And the pie eating contest, the free t-shirts hurled into the bleachers by sling-shot, Pleasant Valle elementary school having a bit of a sing, the teenage cheerleaders in disgustingly brief silver sparkly shorts.
This pitcher held this intimidating pose for long periods before letting fly.
Then as night fell over the stadium...

At the end of the game, a wonderful treat. There was a countdown...
The lights went out...
And this happened!!!
Then as we were leaving we were handed free samples of salad dressing at the gate.
God bless America indeed!!

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