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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Boston (Part 1)

Two days in Boston! We checked into the Encore Bed & Breakfast. How could we resist when the rooms were named after Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein?
We were in the Jerome Robbins room.

There were masks on the walls of the dining room

We fell in love with the houses on our street

Even though we were but two blocks from the city centre
we started the day by immediately buying tickets for the Duck tour.
Jennifer was our wonderful driver and tour guide. Her persona was very Jersey Shore (even though she's a Boston gal)
Right down to her pink Ugg boots
At one point Jennifer got tired of my "bein' on the cell phone" (I was actually taking pictures)
And I was forced into the driver's seat despite my protestations that I am a menace both on the road and in a river.
Very pretty. Then we ambled around town through the Theatre District.

So much history, so many shows tried out here in these theatres, some destined for greatness and others for the rubbish heap. Now they mostly play host to touring companies.

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