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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Boston (Part 3)

It's a very beautiful city, filled with parks and history and graceful old buildings
These swan boats are peddled by the chappie in the back
The real swans paddle themselves
A statue of Paul Revere who apparently never said "The British are coming!" because they were already there. He said "The regulars are coming" or "THE BIRDS is coming", something entirely different.
The weather turned on our second day, just as we were meeting our friend Rich Carson for lunch near his office downtown. We cared not a fig and ventured to the waterfront.
There are expensive apartments just like in Walsh Bay in Sydney
We took a brief (45 mins) harbour Cruise, the water lapping around our feet on the decks.
A famous tall thing. I wasn't listening.
The famous ship known as Old Ironsides
You can see where the idea for the Glebe Island Bridge came from
This was John Hancock's house, who first signed the Declaration of Independence.
We disembarked and strolled through the Rose Kennedy flower garden, then caught another sightseeing trolley which took us to the posh shopping area near our railway station.
And from there, Lady Boston bid us farewell. Well, actually she was just a shop mannequin but I was waxing lyrical. And I was soaking wet.
A lovely two days in a beautiful city.

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