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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Farewell Kelli

We said a sad goodbye to our creative team today as they move on to their next projects. We grabbed our brilliant choreographer Kelli Barclay (centre, in black) for one final cast pic.
Tired but happy we got to the end of our second week. Ten more to go and the production is almost selling out. Happily, I've already got my next gig lined up which will take me home to Sydney for a little while!
Our view from the dressing room got a little more exciting today during the matinee....
The bridge opened to let a tiny boat through. How kind!
I tell ya, the pace is so slow here, that was a major event.


  1. Ooooh, now I need to know what the Sydney gig is!
    How wonderful xxx

  2. I am sure a few weeks in the Blue Mountains will be a welcome change and what's MORE, work!! Bonus! Congrats on DOLLY. It looks splendid!