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TT in the Blue Mountains and Sheldy in New York.

Culture Shock.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Lovely to be back working in the East Village where I lived for a year in 2011.
Like everything in NYC the area is constantly changing, and to my surprise I found an "Australian/Asian" restaurant on Avenue A. Haven't tried it yet but I must before the show closes.
 Only two more weeks of CLEOPATRA which is a shame as it's a total joy to perform, the company is a dream and the audiences are going crazy for it. I knew Charles Busch was a New York theatre legend but it's extraordinary to be onstage for his entrance every night. A full minute of cheers and stamping before he even opens his mouth. I am so privileged.
Joe Zaso as Mark Antony and Charles Busch as Cleopatra
with Jennifer Van Dyck

Larry Bullock, Joe Zaso, Charles Busch, Ashley Morris, Jennifer Van Dyck and Jennifer Cody
Sheldon with Andy Halliday

Curtain Call

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