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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chorus Loine in Joisey

Made the trip to Millburn, New Jersey to see the Paper Mill Playhouse production of A CHORUS LINE.
I got off the train and strode confidently into the depths of Millburn, convinced that I knew the correct route to the theatre.
Almost immediately I found myself in Millburn's famous Forest of Lost Murdered Unemployed Actors From Australia. So I sheepishly returned to the railway station and read the instructions on the map.
Ah yes, of course. How silly of me!
Victory! Apart from a group of schoolkids I was the youngest person in the audience by about 30 years so the response to the show was a tad muted and because there is no interval there was a steady stream of little white heads hobbling off to the toilets throughout poor Cassie's scene with Zach.
It was interesting to compare Mitzi Hamilton's staging of Michael Bennett's masterpiece (Mitzi was the inspiration for the character of Val) with Baayork Lee's recent Australian production which I saw less than 3 months ago. Certainly this version is less robotic with the performers apparently given more freedom to "be" without sacrificing the choreographic discipline required. But in the end both stagings are equally exciting and affecting.
Jessica Lee Goldyn as Cassie is a veteran of the Broadway revival. She certainly looks as if she should have gone to Hollywood and her dancing of "Music & The Mirror" is a knockout.
My gorgeous friend Nikka Graff Lanzarone who plays Bebe took some pics of the cast for so I've pinched a few to show you my favourite performances
Jeff Pew is probably the best "Don" I've seen. And he's Jessica Lee Goldyn's boyfriend! talk about a golden couple!
Alexzandra Sarmiento was a marvellous Connie
Ashley Arcement made me laugh lots as Val
Mike Cannon. Best. Al. Ever.
And, of course, PRISCILLA's own Kyle Brown as Greg. I think I missed all of "Hello twelve.." because I couldn't take my EYES off Kyle who was probably the most technically perfect dancer onstage.
Rachelle Rak is getting the most attention for her portrayal of Sheila because she very publicly blew her callback audition in the documentary about the Broadway revival EVERY LITTLE STEP. But here she proves she was born to play the role with a beautifully danced and sung, multi-layered moving performance that will long be remembered.


  1. Interesting to see something other than the sunburst for One.

  2. I laughed out loud at your famous forest line. Great to see you out n about ... Love reading the blog as usual !