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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Perfect Day

The universe was in charge of art direction and special effects today at Will Swenson and Audra McDonald's wedding. Nothing special, just the usual backyard booze-up. We were collected in town by buses which brought us to their home an hour's drive away.

Those things wrapped around the tree were our table allocations for the post nuptial nosh.
The land had been cleared and a gorgeous wood and stone structure erected for the ceremony.

The dining tent and bar were across the lawn. Musicians were playing constantly and unobtrusively, including bagpipes (Audra being Black Scottish and all).
The ceremony itself was absolutely the most beautiful and moving I've ever attended. Best Boy Bridger Swenson, Will's son, began by playing the piano

The groom entered the tent preceded by children ringing bells, then younger Best Boy Sawyer Swenson played keyboards as the bride entered with her daughter Zoe as Little maid of Honour.
Celebrant Thomas Jones introduced Will's sister Leea who read a passage, then the kids combined for a surprise performance of "All You Need Is Love" with Zoe on saxaphone and an audience singalong. Audra and Will read their vows to each other, deeply touching and hilarious, with their children by their sides. The whole family was in fact marrying together. Periodically the breeze would blow a gentle shower of leaves from the roof into the assembly. By now there wasn't a dry eye on the lawn as another musical performance followed from Will's HAIR Tribe Steel Burkhardt, Kacie Sheik, Tommar Wilson and Paris Remillard. Then came the exchange of rings (another surprise for Audra who wept with delight) and we all cheered for the newly joined man and wife.

Then it was back to the dining tent for the most decadent wedding dinner ever served. After a healthy cup of pumpkin soup it was carb city: turkey burgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, french fries, sweet potato fries and mac & cheese.
(Left) Pedro, who designed the wooden wedding hut. He is speaking to the folks on my right, playwright Terence McNally and his husband Tom Kirdahy, and Zoe Caldwell.
To my left, Seth Rudetsky sitting opposite Vanessa Williams.
Steel Burkhardt, Will's replacement in HAIR, makes with the eyes.
The groom speaks
The bride mingles
Actor and acting coach Andy Gale speechifys
Actor and director Lonny Price proposes a toast

Then the groom studies the multi flavored donut stack that is their wedding cake as the bride slurps on a vanilla milkshake

And they are riotously serenaded by Michael James Scott from BOOK OF MORMON.
Nick Adams, Will and Laura Ellington, Will's dresser from PRISCILLA
Me and the Groom
The boys

Then it was back outside to watch the couple dance their bridal watusi
And to sign the wooden bench that will be varnished and serve as a permanent "guest book"

EVERYBODY! A flawless, inspiring, fabulous day.


  1. I found your description of the events profoundly moving I cried sitting here. What a special day!

  2. Looks like a great old knees up, what a fab wedding - light hearted, not stuffy and overdone. If ever i wanted to tie the knot (and I don't), that's how I'd do it. Beautiful. I'm a sucker for (other people's) weddings.