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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Long Shot

Saw an excellent documentary tonight in Greenwich Village which is well worth seeing: LONG SHOT-the Kevin Laue story.
Kevin, now 22, was an almost 7 foot tall high school student who had an exceptional gift for basketball. Funny, determined, charming, there was one major obstacle. He was born without a left arm. Watch the preview below.

 The film was five years in the making and is by turns uplifting, disheartening, funny and sad. Revelations abound including the extraordinary realisation that Kevin is inherently left handed even though he was born without a left arm, so everything he has had to learn has been against instinct.

 Producer, writer and director Franklin Martin is an ex-actor. He spoke after the screening I attended. Oddly, I couldn't concentrate on anything he was saying.
And look who is one of the Executive Producers! Australia's own Julian McMahon!

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