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Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm Back!

(tt)  Yes dear readers! I have returned. I have been rehearsing a little show in Melbourne and have been a bit distrait but now here is the first of my contributions which hopefully will continue. As for matching Sheldon's output I will make no pronouncements!
Saturday saw the opening night of "Forum"  It was very exciting. Here are a few images of the backstage chaos and social gathering afterwards
The mad Rush!
A present from the producers...a framed special edition poster.
Look where I am billed in relation to another grand celeb!

Here is Rob Tripolino who is the youngest member of the company. He is overwhelmed by the experience and likens it to Christmas.
Here are the idiots who play the Proteans, Brent Hill,Rohan Browne and Troy Sussman with Guy Simpson who re-orchestrated the score.
 box of...nipples!  For the eunuchs

New-ish-lyweds Marina Prior and Grant Piro at the after-show party. Grant was Sheldy's Carmen Ghia in THE PRODUCERS.

Marina with Michael Cormick who replaced Anthony Warlow in ANNIE here.
Our Hysterium (and very dear mate) Mitchell Butel
Our Philia, Christia Whelan-Browne with my very dear Melbourne hosts Graeme and Maureen
Michael Norman (right) was our production manager on THE PRODUCERS
Trevor Ashley, not in a frock.
My programme bio is a tribute to Bob Hornery, our Erronius, who was in the original 1963 production as Lycus in the very same theatre.


  1. Glittering review! I hope to see you sometime while you are in Melbourne!!