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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jacksonville, Fla

My first visit to Florida!
Yes, the chill of New York has driven me to warmer climes although I'm really here to see a couple of mates in a show. But it's a surprise so if you know of whom I speak, please do not tip them off.

Of course, I would have preferred Fort Lauderdale or Miami or Disney World at Orlando but I have three days to discover what Jacksonville has to offer. I know there is a theatre museum here so that will probably be my first port of call.
I booked my hotel on the Southbank of downtown Jacksonville thinking I would be in the hub of things but I seem to be stuck in the middle of a series of freeways so it will be fun to discover how to actually leave the building.
Obviously the diet is going to hell. I tried my first Key Lime Pie in the hotel restaurant which was a religious experience.
And when I turned on the tv there was a young woman in a tank top clutching a rifle and saying "Sure as shootin', you'll find all the guns you'll need this weekend at the Jacksonville Fairgounds!".
Guess I'm in the South!

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