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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lunch with Mrs. Teale

The lovely Liz Teale (nee Liz Harris of  Australian TV's "Video Village" and "Adventure Island") visited New York for the first time in fifteen years and naturally observed that the old town has lost some of its individuality. Where once Aussies came here to revel in a completely unique lifestyle, now it seems every city in the world has become the same corporate Mall. But Liz certainly chose a unique hotel in which to stay:  Robert De Niro's Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca.
Liz shouted us lunch although it was the first day of TT and my new diet regime so we couldn't really indulge ourselves but the grub was top notch. Then we adjourned to the lounge behind the hotel foyer for coffee and chat.
I became fascinated with this miniature staircase decorating a side table.

But I had to wait until the room was cleared of other guests before I took a pic because the other guests were Sean Penn, Kylie Minogue and James McAvoy and I knew they wouldn't appreciate a camera being waved around. Finally we adjourned to the courtyard for portraits formal...
and less formal.
Liz is now resident in Perth so our paths will now cross rarely, sad to say.

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