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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Grand Concourse

We joined Bronx historian Lloyd Ultan on a guided tour through one of the Bronx's designated historic districts, The Grand Concourse, which once housed some of the wealthiest folk in New York and from the 1920s became one of the largest concentrated areas of Art Deco design in the world.
The Andrew Freedman Mansion was designated as a retirement home for the very wealthy. The tenants were able to come and go as they pleased and included a Czarist General and a faded Edwardian actress.

This was known as The Fish House because of the unique mosaic on the front.
TT and Sheldy try to read the poem "Trees" on a plaque in a park.
Street art. Not Art Deco.
This was once the Grand Concourse Hotel until the Bronx riots in the 60s frightened visitors away.
At this point the tour was going a little too slow and it started to rain so we jumped onto a passing bus and headed back to the city. There we had hoped to eat at one of our favourite diners in the East Village, the Silver Spurs. But, like everything else in NYC, it was but a passing phase.
What was once a bustling palace of glass and chrome is now a mere shell. Boooo!

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  1. I bet TT was thinking about the hall when he took that photo. :)