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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Gumleaf Mafia

The Upper West Side briefly turned into Exhibition Street, Melbourne today when a bunch of Australia's finest theatre folk met for a bleary eyed breakfast at the Fairway Market.
Sharon Millerchip, the world's busiest actress, is coming to the end of a dream holiday and fighting to stay upright after seeing 473 shows in six days, and Glenn Hill (late of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS with Sheldy) is finally using his winnings from the Rob Guest Foundation singing competition to check out what's happening on Broadway.

Musical Director Kellie Dickerson (L) is about to start work on the Australian production of ONCE, and Maree Johnson Baruch (SCROOGE with TT, FOLLIES with Sheldy, SHE LOVES ME with both) now makes her home here with husband and kids.
We solved the problems of the world then went our separate ways to conquer new worlds.


  1. 473 shows in 6 days!! Were they 20 mins. each?????

  2. What a wonderful gathering of such people !!! xxx