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Monday, April 29, 2013

Lost in Inwood

Had an early band rehearsal for the 54 Below gig in midtown then had to fill in four hours until my next commitment. It was such a glorious spring day that I got off the train a few stops before home and decided to explore Inwood Hill Park. I power walked joyously past several little league baseball  games and picknicking families, wondering when I would find myself on familiar turf. The answer was...never.
Instead of the path leading to my front door the path simply stopped at a dead end.

 I had to walk back half a mile until I found another path which led up several hundred steps to the correct route.

 An aerial view of my dead end.
The new and correct path to my home.
The Harlem River
Under the bridge and ...home was in sight!
Through those trees on the left.


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