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Saturday, June 25, 2011

friends and a view

ROSIE ASHE IS IN TOWN!!!   Yes, Miss Pinks is seen running like Maria towards, yes, Tony!   She is in New York to check out the scene and see the odd show. We went for a lunch at P J Clarke's opposite the Lincoln Centre and gabbed the plaster off.

FIONA REID  IS IN TOWN!    Met up with Miss Reid and her sister, Allison. They took us back to the timeshare condo which overlooks Times Square with CHRIS WHITE WHO IS IN TOWN!
Mr White dressed Sheldon on Priscilla in Sydney and is currently taking some "Wiggle" time out.

Here is the view from Fiona's pad

This is for Ms Wearn. And I grovel with apologies for the use of Auto! I sat in Times Square for half an hour waiting for the show to come out and I pushed every button and spun every wheel and tried ISO's from hundreds to black and they still came out like a bad acid trip. So, darling , forgive me for resorting to amateurism while up in the clouds. I promise I will get back to the book and be diligent and make you proud!!!

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  1. Lol well id say half your problem is your teacher... She's an impatient cow that never explains things properly and expects people to understand instantly ... Well that's what her brother seems to think and he'd know! Off to the photography expo at darling harbor today... No doubt I'll come home with less money and more ideas I'll struggle to find time to implement! Im trying to compile a book for myself but its harder when its your own photos! You keep testing it out and fiddling day it will all just click ( pardon the pun) ...doesn't it make you appreciate those older photographers who couldn't review their shots and had to hope they had the f stop and shutter speed correct!