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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

henri cartier bresson watch out

(tt) My teacher, Ms Weare, has sanctioned my photographs of electric light at night. So with ISO's set and F stops stopped at the right nidget and my shutter speeds adjusted to the exact temperature I reveal to the general public  ....."NUIT BRILLIANTE"  ( that means 'Brilliant Night" in Frenchaise).

Now on to photographic fame. When I pass Ms Weare on the street as she waits in line to see my latest exhibition and tugs at my hem I will say, "Pardon? Do I connay you"  ("connay" means "know" in Frenchaise)   Thus on with "Le Spectacle".  ("Spectacle" means "glasses" in Frenchaise ) and I think Mersyer Bresson also too needed them as I do. All Masters are linked.

Sign for "Le Phantom dull Opera "  ( that means "Phantom of the Opera" in Frenchaise)

 And so a simple sign becomes an  "image pour etairrneetay"   (   "image" means "image", "pour" means "to empty out"  and "etairrneetay"  means "eternity" in Frenchaise")

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