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Monday, June 27, 2011

I love a parade

(tt)   Here are a few more from my seat on the bus. It was quite wonderful and heart warming and the frenzy increased the closer we got to Christopher St.

These guys were from a gay high school. The Harvey Milk.  How lucky they are.

Down Fifth Ave

Gavin Lodge from"P" runs back from a boa giveaway

The beribboned man was Mr Gay Puerto Rico who had a spectacular fall on his roller skates.

That Keala sure can give attitude!

Oh please.

No her looks didn't quite....

Sunday, mimosas and the view of the parade at my pied on 5th! My dears it will be divine. Then we'll party.

Then one of them ran into him

Now we are very close to the Village and closer to the crowd. You could see people talking about the show and mouthing, "It's Faaaabbyyyuuuuulusssssss"

Birth of a Notion

Why we did it

The tale end.

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