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Culture Shock.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hi Guys   Reporter Ken Anaken here!  I'm the one on the left.  My twin bro, Ken Anaken, is on the right. He is the quiet one.

I am so  excited to be permanently taking over from Ken as occasional fantasist here in the Big A. As you may recall Ken got so overwhelmed by the 50 year editon of himself he jumped into the box and is immersed in old memories..sort of a plastic case of delusional dementia.

 So now I am Reporter Ken Anaken!

 "What",  I hear you ask,  "are The Anakens doing surrounded by old leis?" Well we have decided to go on the "Priscilla" float in the Pride Parade!!  We will be perched on the head of this ancient queen who will photograph the proceedings from a seat on the top deck of the bus with a shawl round his knees and a thermos of tea next to his withered old feet.  We'll let you know how the event panned out.

 Here now is the complete ensemble we have created for our New York dayboo.

 Stay tooned!

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