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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hot walk in chelsea

(tt)  You get an idea to do a long long walk and then the heat sort of makes it a short long one!

This is all that remains of the signage on Pier 54 where the Titanic was to have docked in April 1912. The White Star letters are still showing through.

The Chelsea piers have been turned into arms of a riverside park.

This is a view of the apartment block over in New Jersey where Alan and Gary live and where we spent Independence Day

I think this is a little cafe

That's the latest extension of the Highline. I was going to go up but the stairs went past my eyes like a steel Everest so will return with Sheldy when it's a bit cooler.

This area is clogged with galleries

More ghostly remnants. This on the corner of 10th and 25th

And now 10th is in resurgence because of the success of the Highline. Even the shuttered Empire Diner is open again minus the Empire bit.

This is the loading bay of the Chelsea Markets....bread and pastry paradise and from which I am barred for the unforseeable future!!

Highline meets a new condo

Time to go home.

On the way back the bus broke down, a woman fell on the road, a man smacked into an old lady and  forty people tried to board  the packed vehicle at Union Square. So I got off . My Crocs are walked in and all is right with the world!!!

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