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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm as normal as....

Yes!   Blueberry pie!   Just after this shot Mr Byrne's pastry leapt into the Hudson,  accompanied by a girly shriek..not, I may add, from me.

So for the Holiday of Holidays, if you don't count Thanksgiving, we were invited by our dear friends, Gary Stevens and Alan George, to celebrate Independence day in their apartment which is part of a pier complex overlooking midtown Manhattan.
This is the view when you alight from the bus right outside the building

The communal central courtyard was set up with party tables all the way to the end of the pier
We had a pre-fireworks lunch and met some stunning folk.

Here's Mr B enjoying the view.

Sheldon and Gary

Sheldon  with Josh Vandiver, a political philosopher and writer, whose lover and husband, Henry Velandia, was almost deported to Venezuela, but for their successful political agitation and groundswell of support. That's Henry, a Latin Dance teacher and choreographer below.
 Lots of jolly actors and musicians too
Claudia and her son, Dan. Such fab people. So kind and gentle and gracious
Tim, Dan's dad, is a gifted cellist and sideman and had stories galore of Connie Francis and Maureen McGovern.
 Alan our gracious co-host

Now the day from the balcony into evening when we moved to the water's edge for the fireworks.

The marina from the balcony.  Music from ghetto blasters and even the odd plungee.

 A tug pushing a fireworks barge (sponsored by Macy's) up the river into position.

This was actually playing a television program.

Getting towards late arvo

Thought someone was throwing out the salad water

It was a fire tug showing off

Here's one coming the other way with red, white and blue coloured dye

The village green

Getting to the vantage point

 From now on til the end of the fireworks the shots were taken from this one spot.

Looking down to the World Trade Centre
The tallest structure is the rapidly growing first tower.

Am only posting a few firework shots. Haven't mastered it yet and you know what a bunger looks like.

Heading home, we begin a patient but futile wait for a nonexistent bus.

We finally got home via light rail, the Path train and a wild taxi ride that nearly saw my demise..being flung against a door then whisked up the East River freeway where children were setting off their penny bungers.
 I was convinced one was going to be chucked in through the open window. Who needed Coney Island!!!!

Thank you Alan and Gary for a stunning day


  1. Just watched the fireworks on the TV in HD and surround sound and they were spectacular! I can't imagine what they were like LIVE....

  2. The photographer is really coming along: far too modest about the fabulous fireworks shots. The Venezuelan fire cracker was good too.