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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dearest Regulars    TT here back from Nantucket with Paul Byrne in tow and lots of wonderful memories but NO PHOTOS!!!!   I left my camera on the bus from Hyannis.  And, Teech, if you are reading this I mastered Tungsten and took a lot manually!!!   AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!     But all is not lost yet. I have reported the loss and who knows goodness may prevail. So put white light around the little machine and it may yet come home   Loads of love to you all     Blind Pew


  1. My thoughts are with you I hope it turns up :( xx

  2. I'm so, so sorry to hear about your beloved camera, TT! I hope it is returned to you ASAP xx

  3. :( From someone else who adores their DSLR, I am SO terribly sorry to hear it and I very very much hope that whoever finds it will return it to you.

  4. There once went a man to Nantucket
    On the bus he sat with his mate Paul
    On the seat his camera he left
    with no photos, we're bereft
    No more will I look at this blog so $(*&@)!

  5. Thank you dear readers for your commiseration and poem. I am happy to say that I have let the old one go. The fabulous Nantucket images will fade from my memory in time. All is dust.
    But the new one will be just as wonderful and you need not fret about the blog failing to ignite the passions of the world