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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

to Birdland with an odd bird

(tt)   Paul Byrne's first night out in the big A was to Birdland.

Every year a group of mostly European musos of geniacal artistry pay tribute to the jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt.  He is one of my idols and his Hot Club of France albums were my loves. The group consists of  guitarists Andreas Oberg, Samson Schmidt and  Doudou Guillerer;  bassist, Brian Torff, who had played with Grappelli; violinist, Pierre Blanchard and Ludovic Beier on electric harmonica and accordion. They played standards such as 'The Good Life', 'This Can't be Love' and 'Them There Eyes' which Doudo vocalised with hilarious riffs, and new works in the style of but not merely a copy of the Master.. Each of the core group are stunningly gifted and every evening they invite a guest artist to sit in. Tonight's was brilliant brass player, Claudio Roditi.
This was so wonderful and the excitement of the evening grew slowly into a bubbling frenzy.  Paul's apple crumble was horrible.

Afterwards we met up with Sheldon at the stage door and Mr Byrne got to meet him close up

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