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Monday, July 18, 2011

How the Other Half Live

No, Sheldon and Amelia Cormack (birthday girl) are not on the outdoor set of a production of "Into the Woods" but in front of a folly, disguising a water tower.

 The property belongs to Amelia's  Aussie auntie, Sally, and her Aussie husband, Steve, and is in Purchase, near Westchester, and was once on a tract of land with nothing but rolling hills and woodland.

The original house was built in 1908 and has the air of the 'Overlook', the hotel Kubrick used in 'The Shining'. But nowhere near as ominous.

The first owners were a brother and sister. The man lived in the house above and his sister on the site of  the house below--the original burned down in the thirties

Now developers have moved in and golf courses and McMansions abound, Sally and Steve judiciously planted lots of protective greenery to give the illusion of once idylllic isolation.
We met lovely people at the party (including Mandy Patinkin's cousin Laura who is a delight) and saw 2 Chagalls and an Arthur Boyd.  Ah, one day....

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