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Culture Shock.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Mr Sheldon spent days preparing a secret tour for some of the Priscilla gals, Mr Paul Byrne, and me. Here some of us are in Bryant Park. Sheldon, Keala, Stasie and Mr Byrne. We are waiting in the 90 degree swelter for the start of Week One of

 This week the shows which presented mouthwatering snippets of their wares were

the gloriously loony spectres from Cirque du Soleil's " ZARKANA"

Before they wandered rather aimlessly on the main stage they mingled in the crowd. Their make up was fantabulous and not one of them cracked a bead of sweat.

A swan queen stood with her back to me making amazing chook noises. I was desperate for her to turn around so I let out a huge squawk. She whizzed around and voila!

We then carried out a chat in chookese which pleased her greatly

There were selections from "BABY, IT'S YOU"

This Stomper did a wonderful handclapping routine which we were cajoled to join in

Last was "SISTER ACT"  with a friend of Stasie's standing in for Patina Miller

And here is my fave
I got violently burned thighs....from the sun!

Next stop was the International Center of Photography
 The main exhibition was a retrospective of the photo journalist, Elliott Erwitt. Many if his photographs are iconic

Many are hilarious ..... especially the dogs

So here is my tribute to Mr Elliott

Of course you exit through the gift shop

A jolly subway ride ensued via Times Square

It turns out we were headed for a boite in SoHo called
And absent Diva, Jackie, was with us in spirit

 Wonderfully colourful and conveniently quiet

This lady was about to run for cover
At luncheon's end the heavens opened in  spectacular storm

Some of us ran out into the deluge. The most dramatic was our waitress, Emma Pfaeffle.

 Here she is post tempest talking to Sheldon about her year of study at WAAPA in Perth!

How about this creature

A walk past the posh shops

Our last port of call was a gallery , Eli Klein on West Broadway. The main exhibition was the fantasies of LIU BOLIN entitled "The Invisible Man" He and his team of assistants case a location and then create make up and costume so that M.Bolin can disappear into the view

And then we walked through the street markets.

Keala decided the folk on the subway needed sustenance.

And here the merry company dispersed on its ways various


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