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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Merchants House

(tt)   Seabury Tredwell is not a character by Dickens. He was a prosperous merchant who lived with his family in  a five storey terrace in E.4th St.  I will not educate you on the workings of a typical Victorian home from kitchen to maids quarters. My blogs from the past have more than adequately covered this field.  Instead I will show you a few images from garden to attic and let your imaginations do the rest.

The from door around the 1930's when the then private and almost untouched home became a museum
And today

The master bedroom

The front

The swimming pool

The nanny with four of the Tredwell children

A newsagency

Charles Nelson Reilly

Finale of Spiderman

Medieval torture device


Star Wars set

Times Square


A lavish Victorian feast.

I am not well and have retired to my bed for a few days.

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