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Culture Shock.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The second half of the adventure - Yale

(tt)   Woke to a warm morning which would turn bakingly hot and we all had brekky by the river

Sheldy  farewelled me at New Haven  and headed back to New York

And I continued on to the Yale campus and checked in to a freezingly cold hotel with a very warm-hearted staff. I didn't see the air conditioning control til I checked out two days later but the outlet made a great cooler for my dietary needs.
The Study Hotel is right opposite the theatre where Tovah Feldshuh ( the reason I am here) will be performing her new cabaret the following evening.
Classic seventies rubbish. How they got away with it when you consider the lovely real classic architecture I saw on a brief rec ...curtailed by the heat. Only idiots like me were on the streets.

The famous Yale Rep. Hoped to catch a matinee tomorrow but they are on summer hiatus.

Yale Art Gallery which I would invade later

Could be Florence

Or Sunday on Collins St, Melbourne

What a shock when I expected to see the 19th century New Haven theatre depicted in the brilliant

 and got this
instead of the one in the movie ( which I believe was actually  the San Francisco Shubert)

What still exists is the Taft an apartment complex

 Back in the fifities all the actors in a  pre- Broadway tryout would stay here.  And it's where Eve Harrington was ensconced before her triumph in  'Footsteps on the Ceiling'.
Here she is with Addison DeWitt (George Sanders) walking from the theatre to the Taft.

and here they are in her suite just before Addison snares the bitch and makes him hers forever.


I wandered in the blasting heat in a little park full of colonial churches until I was forced home for the coolth.

 Back to Collins St. Makes you realise that architecture en masse makes some cities indistinguishable like Body Shops in brick. I would still choose this over those sketched by Lego obsessed public servants who  can throw up glass blocks in ten seconds.

By now my new Crocs had rubbed off half the skin on my feet so I went into the Yale Art Gallery and bled on their cool floors.
Here are some of my faves

Judith Shea's 'Shock and Awe'

Marisol's 'Dinner Date'

Giacometti's 'Hands Holding The Void'

George Grosz's 'Inside and Out'

Elie Nadelman's 'Classical Head'

Walter Kuhn's 'Chorus Captain'

A genuine portable record player from the thirties

Van Gogh's 'Cafe at Night'

 and a  wonderful pre-Raphaelite  work by Edwin Austen Abbey 'The Play Scene in Hamlet'

I checked out the sculpture garden

and was blinded by radiant heat!

Then it was time for meeting up with Tovah and company to check out the space

and work til 1 a.m. !!!!!!

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