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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yale 2

(tt)   The final day of Yale involved getting Tovah rehearsed in the space. We actually found the theatre abandoned the night before and snuck in accidentally - and stayed accidentally but nobody who could punish us will read this so who cares. As well as getting her new act together Tovah was part of a tutorial for budding music theatre students along with Amanda McBroom, Sally Mayes and the amazing Julie Wilson. We were quitting the space for the start of the seminar and I had to run back and thank Miss Wilson for all the pleasure her work has given me. She held my hands and thanked me and I am now dead.
Tovah went  back to her Yale dorm to rest so I went on another explore of Old Yale.

The Princess Theatre opposite the Shubert is gone.. boarded up for an apartment development

This square was being set up for a pop concert that night. Roast audience.

 Yale isn't a closed off campus. Colleges are part of the New Haven township.
Here are some grabs of the buildings

The window and tradesman's entrance of an exclusive Yale tailor

So there you have it. Slices of Yale.

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