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Saturday, September 24, 2011

aids walk

(tt)   This morning we took the bus to Volunteer Park for the 25th Seattle AIDS walk. This ws Baz's first trip on public transport

This art deco gem at the top of the park is a gallery

Miss V C was a volunteer at the Starbucks tent. All beverages free to walkers, marshalls, the public and dogs with caffein habits.  Miss V C is in there somewhere.

I was caretaker for Baz

Anyone missing?

Some inspiring speeches and a nifty little ribbon dance before they all took off down the hill and back.

 Tragic is not exclusive

 Once the runners were off the stalls were rapidly struck

Walked back towards home

This little groupwas drumming and it was brilliantly soothing

This beauty was  right on the park

Are we in Camberwell or what?   This street,15th Ave, was full of maisons du comfortes.

The local trees are very interesting

And quirky  shops

This beautiful Noah's Ark is a semi-permanent fixture in a florist's.

Don't be lazy - read this

This restaurant is on Denny


  1. TT, fabulous !!! Give Swarze a big squeeze from me, and a tickle for you. Now i can say i saw a lot of where Swarze USED TO LIVE....hint, hint. Love, Tom xxx!

  2. Love love love Seattle. Great pix TT.