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Friday, September 23, 2011

pike place market

Ms V C took me to this landmark and we got a bit lost on the way  Neon is wonderful in this town

The market from First Avenue
Beyond it is a four lane highway decimating the harbour shore line just like the Cahill Expressway

The La Salle Hotel was once one of the most notorious brothels in town

Rachel, the charity pig.

The grouchiest balloon man on earth

The Salmon Flyers

 This fish shop is famous for the tossing of whole fish across the countertops and a variety of jokes they play on their customers. I missed capturing a toss but here is a joke that made a couple of Japanese girls scream.
The little shark was on a string and when the girls got close a man would jiggle it and make a noise!  What fun!!

The produce was really fine. And the signs were stunning

One of the windows of The LaSalle.  Maybe Lotte hung her bloomers out of here to dry

Look at this incredible face. A fisherman

And here we are at a  HOLY SITE
 The original Starbucks

All the merchandise in this store is unique to this store

We had a great lunch at the restaurant behind the brown car, Could we be in Balmoral or what?
 The hideous freeway

Halloween coming up. These figurines were in a Mexican shop

A rival to Starbucks or do they own it?


  1. TT you've captured pike st markets perfectly and having been there i felt i was back there! I also did that underground tour I had to chuckle at you also noticing the "carefully placed" rubble

  2. I could almost smell the place. Your pix were so evocative. Glad to see it's still thriving.