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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aussie Invasion

Teddy Williams (our mate who came to Australia in 1968 to appear in HAIR) came to the stage door to collect his Aussie friends Chris, Denice, Lisa and Evie who celebrated their last night in NYC by seeing PRISCILLA.
We all rode the subway downtown and Teddy asked a kind lady sitting opposite us if she wouldn't mind taking our photo.
The kind lady obliged, and when Teddy pointed out that I was appearing in PRISCILLA she did the world's biggest double take and said "I didn't even look at whose picture I was taking." Turns out the lady was not only from Melbourne (she saw the show there) but her 'Great God-daughter' is Maria Mercedes, currently starring as Madame Giry in the Australian production of LOVE NEVER DIES. Circles within circles. TT was Maria's English teacher in high school, I wrote and co-starred with Maria in a cabaret at the Cremorne Orpheum Theatre in 1994 and then I directed Maria in FAME when she took over from Thelma Houston. Quel small monde!

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