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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion Plate?

From Broadway.Com.....

Fashion Week is in full swing in New York City, and as the clothing industry touts its latest offerings, asked readers to vote for the most fashionable character in a currently running Broadway show. The votes are in. Take a look to below to see who made the best dressed list!

1. Glinda (currently played by Katie Rose Clarke), Wicked - 24%
The "Popular" witch owns a fierce shoe rack in her Shiz University dormitory, and the perky blond gets to wear plenty of fantastic gowns as she grows up to become a goodwill ambassador for the city of Oz. (Costume designer Susan Hilferty won a Tony in 2004 for her intricate work on the show.) No need to fashion a victory crown for Glinda: She already owns a sparkly tiara!

2. Reno Sweeney (currently played by Sutton Foster), Anything Goes - 23%
Evangelist-turned-nightclub singer Reno Sweeney may be a reformed sinner, but that doesn't mean she no longer knows how to add a little sexy flair to her wardrobe. Tony winner Sutton Foster sports plenty of 1920s-era cruise ship casual outfits (designed by Martin Pakledinaz) aboard the S.S. American, and dons a hot red dress during the showstopping night club number, "Blow, Gabriel, Blow!"

3. Bernadette (currently played by Tony Sheldon), Priscilla Queen of the Desert - 16%
Australian designers Tim Chappel and Lizzie Gardiner took home Academy Awards in 1995 for their costumes in the film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (featuring Terence Stamp as the aging Aussie transsexual Bernadette), and the duo nabbed 2011 Tony Awards for recreating their work for Broadway. Peacock feathered headdresses, leopard print robes and chic floral print dresses are just some of the many treasures filling Bernadette's flashy closet.

Thanks for voting!

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