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Sunday, September 25, 2011

over the sea to...bainbridge

(tt)  Seattle is situated in a sound. So loads of islands and lots of quirky geography. We took the ferry to the Bainbridge Island where we had a very pleasant lunch and saunter.
Here we are at a bus stop near Miss V C's apartment building.

Some bus stops feature a frosted glass tribute to the water and mountains of the area.

 In a desperate bid for attention Miss V C performs some witless improv.

This is the cruise boat that we tried to book for. The woman on the information line who we finally got through to was in Punjab in a call centre and did not even know where HER ferry goes from. The Seattle Visitors Centre is CLOSED on the weekend. We decided to take a local ferry and give the Argosy the finger

From our ferry about to sail

And there he is aloft

Just before this went by a grey seal did a tummy turn

Looking back at Seattle

Coming in to Bainbridge

The Seattle crows are everywhere!
Miss V C often finds herself singing that folk song that precedes the attack on the school kids in "The Birds"

The main street of Bainbridge was full of  touristy twee plus 2 persian rug stores.

 Where the locals buy a carton of milk and a french stick is a mystery. We had a nice nosh at the place with the neon sign. I don't care if it is a boring picture I just wanted you to know

Here is some twee. One place was called "The Churchmouse Yarns and Teas" Oh stick your finger in the back of your throat and jiggle

There was a lot of this on the way back

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