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Thursday, September 22, 2011

tt's last week in new york FOR NOW!!!!

(tt)  My faithful followers   This is where the blog gets a bit schizoid. We are going our separate blogette roads for a while. I had considered creating a brand new one but I realised that everybody would desert Sheldon's pathetic entries so I am staying on here out of pity for him.  This entry and the previous are being entered from Seattle. The following photos were taken over a few mad days before I left.

A tribute to John O'May who stays here

The dying strains of "Evergreen" Union Square echo to scant applause but triumphant smiles from the sawiste

Easily one of the smartest couples in New York, Jefferson Mays and Susan Lyons bid me farewell on Fifth Ave

 Miss Tovah Feldshuh was the onstage guest for a performance of "The Judy Show"  Here are she and the star.Judy Gold, being idolised after the very funny Q & A.

 And here is my shot of the sobbing Sheldon as we waited for the car to the airport. You have seen his wonderful entry.  I didn't take any of him at the departure gate. All I will say is I have the indelible image of the tip of his long-nailed hand disappearing down the escalator.  What an exit!!!

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