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Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Brilliant Evening

(tt)  Sheldon weaved me toward the New York Theatre Workshop for
Having been part of the Australian production of David Edgar's adaption of "The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby" in 1983 I was so pleased to see the form being brilliantly presented by Elevator Repair Service. I had no idea it was nearly three and a half hours long!
The setting was a bar..fitting in that the entire Hemingway novel centres around a group of people in the 1920's who are never out of arms length of a bottle or ten.

 And this set takes us from bars and cafes in New York, Paris and Madrid but also to rivers and beaches in Spain and bedrooms in Montmartre, San Sebastian  and Pamploma.

The cast is brilliant headed by a the wonderful anchor, Mike Iveson pictured with Aussie, Lucy Taylor

Props are used with incredible deftness and with such potent simplicity. Here a table becomes a mad bull in the ring

There was a coup involving the incredible sound effects which make door knocks, wine pouring and fish leaping,  amongst hundreds of others....but I won't give it away!
This will be a smash and deservedly so...the only impediment will be the inability of some people with stunted imaginations to open up to the inner journey.

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