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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Readers

(tt) Things have been a bit frantic as the date of my departure for Oz approaches. Lots of meetings and stuff have been occupying our days.  Today there was just a whiff of Autumn in the air which made me ever so slightly melancholy. Anyway I  just wanted to thank our readers for tuning in to the madness over  the last months.

We got a wonderful letter today from a supporter who will remain nameless for fear of our embarrassing her but she wrote so warmly about how the pictures we fling up have influenced how she sees her city and her neighbourhood.... a bit of.inspiration I guess. Well it was very touching so thanks, K.P., and all you other dags who find pleasure in the ramblings and clackings of these two privileged thesps.

 Fear not, this is in no way a farewell. We shall continue to update the blog and when I get home  I will be posting all the Oz adventures of Sydney and Melbourne and the rehearsals for "Earnest" and pics of doorways and chimney pots and spit on the sidewalk just like here.


  1. Well I'm going to miss NYC, but fear not I get to see you instead - a reasonably fair trade off

  2. I am looking forward to your perspective on Melbourne and also to catching up... Thanks for the Wonder Year of NYC... Much love to you both..