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Friday, September 2, 2011

Can We Talk?

I continue to meet my idols. I shot a scene in my dressing room with Joan Rivers today for the second series of JOAN KNOWS BEST, the 'reality' show where she moves in with her daughter Melissa and grandson Cooper. I was too embarrassed to ask for a picture with her but here's one from earlier in the day. How convenient that she was posing with  two Hassidic gents in the light of tt's wedding experience.
and here she is with Cooper,  J. Elaine and Luke

Of course Joan is sweet as pie, the complete opposite of her public image and we chatted very easily about Coral Browne who she loved like a godmother (the only person Laurence Olivier was intimidated by onstage, she told me) and our mutual pal Charles Busch, and the new bio of Wendy Wasserstein which she highly recommends. I was able to tell Joan that I think her own autobiography "Enter Talking" is one of the great theatrical memoirs (I've read it three times). The filming went smoothly and I look forward to seeing it when the series goes to air although I could end up as the face on the cutting room floor. But Joan invited me to her house for Thanksgiving!! I have a show that night so unfortunately I can't go but hey, I WAS INVITED!!!
   I found these pics below of the Drama Book Shop on 40th St which had a special PRISCILLA display last March to celebrate our opening. I didn't get to take any pics myself so here's how it looked.

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