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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flushing Park

(tt)  After a couple of subway rides we are back in Flushing Park (home to the 2 Worlds Fairs.. 1939 and 1964)  The last time we were here, over a year ago, apart form the cleared pathways it was knee high in snow.    So no wonder we didn't see these plaques leading the way to various attractions

The 1939 time capsule. Blow it up and see that they buried!
  Billy Rose was a showman who presented a water circus. Rose was a would be Zeigfeld, married Fanny Brice after she divorced Nick Arnstein and famously went bust in the traditon of Ziggy.

Here is the auditorium, pool and stage

Just look at this for Roman Colosseum-ish spectacle

  Elsie was a cartoon cow created in 1930 to promote a dairy company. She became a popular icon and was represented by a live animal at the the 1964 fair. A cow? A drawcard? A mosaic?

Dali created a surreal "house" which was a three dimensional dream experience. Rooms featured swimming models and labrynths of bizarre imagery. I imagine it was an adults only place.

 This was the facade

And here is the Venus chamber

The maestro and his wife, Gala.

Warhol's mosaic of the city palnner who carved New York up into pieces which were totally slaves to the automobile.
I think he looks like Paul Lynde.
We would end up this afternoon in the yellowish building on the left, a pavilion which is now the Queens Theatre.

An avenue on the way to the Fountain of Nations. This would have been lined with pavilions and packed with visitors.

Shrouded in its own mist..the globe
  The last time Sheldon stood in front of this he was posing like Atlas.

 Look how huge it is compared with the guys walking by it
  The space towers inspired the new glass foyer of the Queens Theatre. Theya are in danger of crumbling if renovation doesn't start soon. But in this economy? Crash and shatter
  The foyer.

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  1. Hey TT ... Glad to see the cam back in hand. You've taken some beautiful shots in the park ( entries below) and I think the third last photo above is an absolute stunner! ( I'm jealous) There's some really great shots here. This entry has made me vow to go here when I next visit NYC as I love that globe and the whole place with that whole art deco look. ... Imagine how cool that 1930's alarm clock would be in the time capsule ... I want it! Anyway ... Im enjoying the pics xxxxx