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Saturday, May 5, 2012

a very fine reception

The lovely Jeff Calhoun (above), Tony-nominated director of NEWSIES, married his equally gorgeous partner of 15 years Michael Alicia (below) at City Hall last December but they finally held a reception for friends and family today at a smart cocktail bar on W48th. I was able to sneak in between shows with my make-up on. TT politely pretended not to notice.
There weren't too many show folk in the crowd but we did spy Broadway leading lady Dee Hoty and met Martin Moran who played the morse code chappie in the musical of TITANIC. We were especially thrilled to meet Andrea Martin who was in EXIT THE KING with G. Rush on Broadway.
TT told me to look up then took this picture. I have no idea why. He is a creative artist.
Jeff and Michael spoke emotionally of their love for each other and their parents and friends, then Michael surprised Jeff with an a cappella song he had composed himself which was absolutely beautiful.
Nick Adams and I have a running gag at PRISCILLA when we need inspiration before a performance. If we don't actually have friends in the audience we say "Tommy Tune is out front so we have to be good." So far Tommy Tune has been out front for approximately 493 performances. I was delighted when Mr. Tune arrived at the reception as we were leaving. I told him the story and he said "Oh, Carol Channing taught me that trick, too. It works, doesn't it?"

He's just directed a musical out of town about the glory days of Studio 54 and is currently searching for a New York venue. He's been away from the Great White Way far too long.

I sent this pic to Nick Adams's phone with the message: "Tommy's in".

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  1. Great story about Tommy Tune (the other TT?) Would love to know who he and Carol Channing used to imagine was out front. Reminds me that when we did Rocky Horror in Sydney in the mid-70's a rumour went round one night that Mike "Tubular Bells" Oldfield was in the house. Turned out he wasn't, but ever after that, whenever we needed encouragement... we'd put Mike Oldfield in the stalls and away we'd go!