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TT in the Blue Mountains and Sheldy in New York.

Culture Shock.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


(tt) I make no apologies for the length of this post. Hoboken is just too beautiful!

As I clack my feet are throbbing but it was all worth it. Sheldon had to turn down the possibility of subletting an apartment in New Jersey. The owners need immediate occupancy so it's a no go. But he decided we should go and look at the area anyway. It is across the Hudson and looks at Manhattan from Washington Heights to Battery Park.
We got on the PATH train from W33St  which took us under the river and arrived at the Hoboken Station
 This view looks to the NJ Train and Ferry terminal which we returned to later.

  We are on Hudson St bound for the Museum which turned out not to open til 2.

 This section of the street is mansion stuffed

  These school kids were belting out a song whose lyrics were all the states of America

  Sheldon is going to buy this

Yes Hoboken is his birth city

 We are now on Washington St voted one of the ten most beautiful streets in the country

Here we had a German lunch. Steak and salad for Sheldy. I had bratwurst with three kinds of mustard.
This family restaurant has been around since 1910.

We coninue our jaunt and are now totally Hoboken-sotted. It is so so lovely...very much reminiscent of Edinburgh.

We began a self guided tour and were sticking to it..Bloomfield St

And Tenth

But Sheldon was drawn back to Washington St

The Shrieking Finger spots a bargain

A little book store with art gallery windows

This is the site of a reality cooking show. The place was packed with people queuing for canoli and wanting to see Carlo

 Sheldon found this classic sign

The magnificent train and ferry terminal. You realise just how wealthy America was a hundred years ago

 The skylight is Tiffany

 There are still paving stones in the forecourt

The view across to Manhattan

A fab park created from waterfont dock and warehouse land. Gentrification is the go here.

 Sheldon plans his next property purchase. That tall one would be nice

  That's a uni campus

 A family picnic

Don't leave me fellas
 Sybil's old spring rediscovered and turned into a park...locked
  Days gone by
 This is a home!!

  There is a chook cage astern
 And a garden aport
 The gangplank is topiaried
 The captain snores in her hammock

 The ferry pier. 8 minutes to 39th St.

  Our carriage arrives
  A familiar sight to regulars
  Last Independence day we had a picnic down those steps courtesy of Gary Stevens and Alan George
  Battery from the ferry
  Not the sky line it used to be. Ah well
 The Holland Tunnel air shaft towers over the ferry terminal
  Thanks NY Waterways.  Maybe you will become a regular in Sheldon's life. That was Hoboken!


  1. I just love visiting your page on a daily basis. So many interesting pictures of so many interesting things you guys are getting to experience. Thank you for sharing it all! Love and magic, Ross

  2. Wow, it really is beautiful in Hoboken. What a surprise.